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Game information:

Introducing Tangrin Entertainment, an indie team of just two developers
based in the Netherlands. Over the last 2 years they have created Kyn, an
action packed role playing strategy game that delivers over 20 hours of
gameplay across a unique Viking inspired mythological world with plenty of
landscapes to explore, puzzles to solve and enemies to defeat. Outsmart
the enemy in combat with up to 6 warriors using the unique time
manipulation feature. Collect loot and use the crafting system to upgrade
your motley crew with more powerful weapons and armor. Kyn is a true
adventurer's adventure game!


* A Magical Viking World Brought to Life: Unlock the mysteries of
the vast world of KYN as you explore ancient ruins, lush
landscapes and snowy mountains filled with intricate puzzles and
plenty of danger! Fight against a variety of intelligent enemies
and use your skill and cunning to take out powerful boss enemies!
* A Hybrid Tactical RPG Meets Hack-n-Slash: This is real time
action in a fantastical RPG setting. You will need to leverage
the environment to create traps, defend areas or build up special
attacks. When tactics are needed, utilize the slow motion
feature, where time slows to almost zero and you can direct your
heroes to an area and assign them a task to out flank, out smart
and defeat your enemies!
* An RPG Party with up to Six Playable Characters: Build that
classic RPG dungeon crawling group with our motely group of
heroes. Each warrior can be outfitted with different equipment
and specialized abilities to meet your needs. Allocating points
in mind, body, control will build characters that fit your style
or meet the challenges of the puzzles you will soon face.
* A Deep Crafting and Loot System: Collect hundreds of items.
Combine over 100 different elemental materials in a unique
crafting system designed to help you get more powerful weapons
and armor.

Installation Information:

* Burn or mount
* Install
* Play the game

NOTE: As usual, block the game exe in your firewall.

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