marți, 28 iulie 2015

Powerful photo management made simple 

Do you love photos? Your last vacation, your wedding - precious 
memories that mostly exist as photos make our photo collections 
grow ever larger. Originally kept in shoe boxes, today, photos 
are typically stored on computers. But do you exactly that very 
special photo from your last vacation is stored? Do you resent 
those tiny artefacts or blurriness in your photos that ruin 
otherwise perfect moments? 

Enter Ashampoo Photo Commander 12, the ultimate in photo 
management. Effortlessly browse through large photo collections 
and remove annoying image defects on the fly. Optimize color and 
contrast settings and make your photos shine. Get creative and 
bring your photos to life with professional image effects and 
surprise your friends with self-made calendars, collages and 
greeting cards. 

Next-gen photo management: More comfort, more power, more 

· Easier to use 
· Smart photo imports 
· Faster image browsing with miniature views 
· Enhanced file manager with cloud support 
· New designs & gradients 
· Enhanced wizards 
· 1-Click object management & quick-access styles 

Stay in control 

100 or 100.000 photos, it makes no difference. Select between 
different view modes and find single photos in a flash thanks to 
powerful filters. 

Eliminate chaos 

Sorting, moving and renaming photos has never been easier. 
Organize your photo collection and rediscover hidden treasures. 

Fix unlucky shots 

Blurry vacation photos? Your birthday photos show faded colors or 
a lot of noise? Fix these issues fast and easily. Say no to red 
eyes and remove scratches. 

Do magic with effects 

Add a whiff of nostalgia to your childhood photos with Sepia or 
turn your garden into miniature scene. Combine effects for 
unlimited possibilities. 

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