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Release: Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 5 v5.0.0.1 (c) 2014 Ashampoo

Date: 09/16/2014

Cracked By: Twisted EndZ


Release Type: Serial, Other: Server Check Bypass, RegFile

further developing our powerful CAD software for all building

Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 5 is the next logical step in


projects around the house and garden. Version 5 gives you more
brilliant results in less time and with less effort

Integrated roof, staircase and environment builders

Step-by-step project assistant
2D, 3D and cross-section views
Smart input and construction aids
Realistic light and shadow simulation

room or garden? Become your own architect and plan and design on

Extensive object catalog

Do-it-yourself planning and building

Are you planning to build a house? Do you intend to redecorate a

You no longer have to navigate through multiple unrelated

your very own PC - Ashampoo 3D Architecture 5 makes it possible

Easier and more intuitive with ribbons

toolbars with tiny icons. Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 5 groups

Naturally, you can always go back to the classic toolbar view, if

all features logically and thematically as tabbed toolbars
(ribbon) with meaningful labels. And the new quick-access toolbar
hosts all recently used features to save you time and nerves

complex calculations on systems with more than 3GB of RAM and

Faster and future-proof with native 64-bit support

The new 64-bit version gives you access to all of the available
main memory in your PC. This means more space for graphics and
consequently quicker access times for smoother workflows. Don't

In previous versions of 3D CAD Architecture, fill patterns were

know whether you own a 64-bit system? Ashampoo 3D CAD
Architecture 5 automatically selects the version ideal for your
system during installation

More beautiful and expressive with custom fill patterns and 3D
texture displays in 2D

entirely based on drawing routines provided by Windows. With

Now, you can also apply the many 3D textures in 2D and make your

Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 5, this limitation is now gone
Create your own patterns from lines, circles, curves etc. and use
them in your projects. We have already added more than 30 new
patterns such as reinforced concrete, bricks or parquet flooring
rooms look even more realistic. Of course, texture rotating and
scaling is also possible in 2D views

whether you've placed those solar elements in their ideal spots

As real as it gets with realistic light and shadow simulation

How does your house look at night? In direct sunlight? At night?
Use the integrated light and shadow simulation to find it out

Get a real-life picture of your building and also determine

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