luni, 27 iulie 2015

TotalMedia Theatre is a slick, professional-looking media player that specializes in rendering your videos in the highest quality possible.
For all its intimidating appearance, TotalMedia Theatre is actually very easy to use. The bottom of the interface has the usual play, stop and pause buttons, along with a folder icon where you can open the movies to be played, whether they are saved files or discs. TotalMedia Theatre deals with a wide range of formats, including high-definition types such as Blu-ray. When the screen is maximized, the control fades after a few minutes to enhance viewing, and a pop-out remote is also available.
TotalMedia Theatre has intermediate-level configuration options that shouldn't pose too many problems. You can tweak audio and video settings, as well as setting parental controls and a password so they can't be altered. TotalMedia Theatre also has some good power settings, so you can use your laptop without worrying about the battery. If you are looking for a user-friendly and attractive movie player, TotalMedia Theatre might well be the answer.

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