marți, 2 iunie 2015

Unreal Tournament 3 probably shouldn't feel as fresh and as exciting as it does.
When you get down to it, UT3 doesn't change a lot of the things that you liked about Unreal Tournament 2004.
It's still the same fast-moving and action-oriented first-person shooter. Yet the game's new maps, the requisite graphical overhaul, and easy-to-understand gameplay modes all feel great.
The way the shooter genre has changed over the three years since the previous game is also a factor.
With most other games slowing things down and going for a more realistic, militaristic pace, UT3's hypercharged gameplay explodes out of the gate feeling refreshing and new.

The UT games have never been about single-player action, but like in the previous games, there is a campaign mode in UT3.
It's a series of matches against bots wrapped around a basic but uneventful storyline.
The big switch this time around is that Unreal Tournament is no longer a sport.
Now it's war, and you play as a character on the hunt for revenge against an evil Necris woman who led an assault against unarmed civilians on your colony.
You and the survivors of the attack join up with a corporation, fight to gain territory held by other corporations, and so on.
It's little more than a five- to seven-hour training mode to help you get up to speed on the maps and the modes so you can go into multiplayer with a fighting chance.
One cool addition is that you can play the campaign mode online with up to three other players.
Although joining other humans to combat the artificial-intelligence-controlled bots isn't exactly the most fun you can have in this game, it's more compelling (and easier) when you're playing with other people.
You can set the skill level of the bots, too. At the lowest setting, they're complete idiots that won't even bother to turn around and fight you if you start shooting them from behind.
The highest setting, godlike, is appropriately stiff, though not entirely impossible.
It's just tough to fight against opponents who rarely miss.

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