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Medal of Honor: Airborne (c) Electronic Arts

06/09/2007 :.. . protection ..: SecuROM

1 :.... DVD(s) . genre .......: FPS

Take to the skies in Medal of Honor Airborne, where you'll drop
into grueling ground attacks in a bid to turn the tide of WWII.
Begin each mission in the air above Axis controlled battlefields,
then make your mark in the largest airborne operations in history.
Starting with your jump from a C-47 transport plane, every choice
you make can seal your fate. In the air, control your parachute to
select a landing spot that brings you the greatest strategic
advantage. Follow the green smoke to recommended landing areas
where Allied forces will be waiting, or go it alone by landing on
rooftops or balconies. But craft your strategy carefully: every
move you make-from your choice of
landing spot to the enemies you engage on the ground-will
determine your success in the mission, and whether or not you are
truly one of the Airborne elite.

* Open Battlefields -Start each mission with an airdrop into enemy
territory where the landing spot you choose can dramatically
change the course of battle. On the ground, tackle enemies and
complete objectives in whatever order you chose as your navigate
your way through a massive, free-roaming environment.

* Vertical Combat -Fight on the ground or atop roofs, balconies,
towers, ruins, and natural formations in a variety of
environments authentic to the European Theater of War.

* Affordance AI-A formidable new AI system delivers unpredictable
and intelligent enemies which challenge even your most
battle-hardened strategies.

* Upgradeable Weapons-For the first time, enhance your chosen
weapon with authentic, customizable field modifications that
affect your marksmanship.

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