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MAFIA *llusion Softworks*

Requirements: - Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
- 500MHz processor
- 96 MB of RAM
- 16x CD / DVD ROM drive
- 1.8 GB of free hard drive space
- 16 MB video card with DirectX 8.1 compatible drivers
- DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card


** Release Information **

Game Notes:

-It is 1930. Due to circumstances he couldn't possibly have predicted,
Tommy's life as a cabdriver is about to be exchanged for a life in the
Mafia. At first he continues his work as a driver and nothing could be
better. He soon becomes good friends with his sidekicks Paulie and Sam,
and although the work is sometimes risky, he earns more money than he
did as a cabdriver. But as time goes on he is ordered to undertake more
and more unpleasant jobs and he starts to become disillusioned with
the life he has chosen.

Game Features:


* Explore over 12 square miles of this 1930's American city, with
intelligent simulated traffic, landmarks and surrounding countryside.
This fictional city was created with reference to authentic buildings
and photos from that period.
* Over 20 action-packed missions with tasks including from mob hits,
car chases, bootlegging, shootouts, assassinations of persona non grata,
bank robberies and even simply going for a romantic walk with your love.
* Over 30 highly realistic and hi-poly indoor locations rendered with
the latest 3D engine technology. Take a trip through a city of the 30s,
visit places such as the airport, banks, galleries, restaurants, the
harbor and many others.
* An expansive epic story line inspired by real events that took place
in the 30s. The story is conveyed through spoken dialogs and motion-capture
animations from professional actors.
* Drive one of 60 historic cars, which are based on models that were on
the road in the 30's and the physics of which have been faithfully reproduced.
Due to the realistic physics and real time deformation of the cars, getting
involved in a chase with the police is definitely something to avoid.
* Over 12 weapons to choose from, including baseball bats, sawn-off shotguns,
Magnums or the legendary Thompson tommy gun, to deal with those that dare to
cross your path.


* The LS3D Engine was developed in-house by Illusion Softworks: it supports
the realistic rendering of large exterior environments and highly detailed
* Effects such as mirrors, environmental mapping, real-time shadows,
deformations and more are used to create convincing environments.
* Fully motion-capture character animations, including realistic facial
animations, lip synchronization and more.
* One of the most realistic car physics systems ever created in a computer
game. Each car has more than 100 parameters to adjust to imitate it's real life

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