marți, 2 iunie 2015

Several thousand years have passed since the demon warrior Sparda raised his
 sword against the unholy world to save the human race. Victorious and
 assured that evil forces had been confined, Sparda joined mankind and
 fathered Dante, a half human-half demon son infused with the power of a
 supernatural lineage. However, Dante was not the only son Sparda had sired.
 As devoted as Dante was to defeating the forces of evil, his twin brother,
 Vergil, was consumed by power and upheld the legacy of his sinister
 ancestors. One moonlit night, a mysterious tower materialized beside
 Dante's "Devil May Cry" investigative agency. On the rooftop stood his
 brother along with his inhuman minions goading Dante into a confrontation.

            ß ÜßßÜ Üß   ²ÜÜ  ÜßßÜ ²   ²   ÜßßÜ ÜßßÜ ²ÜÜ  Üßß  Üß
 ßßßßßßßßßß Û Û  ² ßßßÛ Û  Ü Ûßß² Û   Û   Û  ² Û  ² Û  Ü ²ß Ü ßßßÛ ßßßßßßßßßß
            ß ß     ßß   ßßß ß    ßßß ßßß ß     ßß   ßßß ßßßß  ßß

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