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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::COLIN 2.0::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Magazine: PC Gameplay
Score: 10/10 (first time 10/10 has been given by the magazine)
Award: Platinum Award


"Colin McRae Rally 2.0 will suck you in the day you buy it and spit you out three months later when you've bettered your top score ten times over."
"Be it mud, ice, snow, gravel or tarmac, each highly-textured road covering throws up a unique challenge in itself."
"Colin Mcrae 2.0 is a tense, thrill-ride of a racer."
"Petrol heads need not leave the house to raise their heart rates ever again."

Magazine: PC GAMER
Award: "Game of Distinction"


"Delivers great racing experiences on almost every corner"
"Responds realistically and responsively to vigorous driver input"
"It's never been truer to say that the car's the star than in Colin Mcrae 2.0."
"The handling is glorious with big power slides flowing from one corner to the next"
"Colin Mcrae 2.0 really shakes our champagne bottle."
Magazine: PC ZONE
Award: PC Zone "Award for Excellence"


"The best rally game in the world? ever!"
"It's bigger, it's better, it's rougher, it's tougher"
"Immaculate handling, glorious graphics, challenging tracks"
"Colin McRae Rally is back and has retained the crown"

Magazine: The Sunday Times
Score: 5 out of 5 (5 red stars)
Award: PC Zone "Award for Excellence"  

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