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Spaceforce Rogue Universe HD (c) Dreamatrix

27-05-2015......Release Date - Protection.................Steam
RPG/Simulation.....Game Type - Disk(s)....................1 DVD


One of the best-selling space simulation games in this decade, adapted
to over ten languages across the globe.

Space Force - Rogue Universe is an action RPG space simulation game,
with emphasis on key elements such as ship development, exploration of
an immersive universe and freedom of choice. After the pilot leaves the
starting zone, Space Force - Rogue Universe opens an almost unlimited
space for exploration.

Rogue Universe is a beautiful, open ended and innovative 3D space
environment decorated with stars, planets, moons and asteroids. Comets,
black holes, star bases and floating cities are all available for
exploration. As with all societies, there is crafting, trade, diplomacy
and inevitable fights. Rogue Universe boasts of an in-depth storyline,
with lots of opportunities that will thrill the action oriented player,
but also inspire the adventurer and trader. Space Force - Rogue
Universe offers small-scale or huge space battles, a vast range of
different quests, and a story-filled game.

Players will have the opportunity to engage in trading, exploration,
fighting, crafting, quest solving, diplomacy related decision-making,
in addition to ship development and other activities. The player may
choose to view the environment through camera mode in first or third
person POV. The player can choose between 10 professions and 14
spacecrafts. Earn money and experience points and advance to higher
levels. Since AI has a crucial role in Space Force, it will create a
thrilling playing experience throughout the game.

Space Force - Rogue Universe features an economic system that allows
you to buy and sell commodities for profit. You can also buy new ships
or new upgrades for your ship. In the space station trade centre you
will find a list of what goods are for sale. Check your ship's
characteristics to see how much cargo space and weight is available
and how much is already used. Prices and wares differ from one system
to the other, so you have to do some exploration and find optimal trade

Enjoy this best-seller - now in HD


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