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Hit the streets for a Hollywood-style crime saga of unparalleled realism. You are Tanner, A.K.A.
 The Wheelman, an undercover cop with no rules and no fear. You and your partner must stop a
 ruthless, heavily armed car theft syndicate that’s planning the global heist of a lifetime.


 Control and demolish over 70 vehicles, from muscle cars to speedboats, all with the most
 sophisticated handling ever created. Get the job done in fierce street shootouts that’ll get
 you back behind the wheel and closer to danger. Avoid the cops and stay alive in this wide-open
 action thriller from the makers of the groundbreaking Driver series.
 1.) Unrar and burn  2.) Install the game
 3.) Have fun


 We notice that Clone releases are still missunderstood and probably not appriciated enough because of
 that fact, which we now make an effort to rectify.

 How to burn a game protected with SECUROM :

 Burn it using BlindWrite 4.5.7 disable autoplay in options menu, and click 'YES' when asked if you
 want to burn BWA physical characteristics.

 Why BlindWrite and not Alcohol 120% :

 SecuROM is one of the more popular protections, it uses Physical Characteristics to verify
 authenticity of your retail. Those physical characteristics are best cloned and burnt using
 BlindWrite 4.5.7. and are saved on a *.BWA file, that needs to be perfect in order for the
 protection engine to recognize your backup as retail CD.
 Therefore we recommend for quality assurance, check the *.BWA file using apropriate
 tool. (bwabuilder 5.1)

 Plextor Premium CDRW is the THE best burner when it comes to dealing with SecuROM, because of its
 ability to duplicate the physical characteristics impeccably.
 Other burners will work just as well for authentication, however you will not get the 1:1 that
 the plex is able to reproduce, therefore we highly recommend this drive to anyone who can afford
 it and wants their BWClones to be perfect.

 In case of this particular release, there has been a DVDClone out for some time. The DVDClone
 only works mounted and with help of software emulation, therefore we decided to release this
 CD version for those that want to take their Clone backup to some gaming event, where there
 is no emulation or virtual drive installed, for those who dont have a DVD drive, or for those
 who just want a 1:1 clone. Enjoy!

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