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Call of Juarez is an epic western adventure about vengeance, survival and
the search for a legendary lost treasure. Go back in time to South Texas
1882 - where 19-year-old Billy Candle stands accused of murdering his mother
and stepfather. Hot on his trail is Reverend Ray McCall, his stepfather's
brother and an infamous gunfighter who believes the Lord has chosen him to
be Billy's judge, jury and executioner. Hunt down a band of outlaws on the
run with your friends in co-op mode

* Play as two opposing characters, each equipped with differing skills
abilities and weaponry - As Billy, use your bow and craftiness to sneak in
and out of trouble; as Ray, stop enemies in their tracks with your
mesmerizing preaching & take them down with your six-shooter

* Recreates the distinct rough-and-tumble beauty of the Old West through
detailed and realistic environments that spread across miles of terrain

* Encounter intelligent Old West enemies, each with individual skills who
use their environments to their advantage

* Realistic Old West-era weapons & equipment -- from the standard issue
six-shooter or the traditional bow and arrow

* Shoot your way out of some of the Old West's most infamous events, such as
Billy the Kid's shootout at Stinking Springs Ranch

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